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TAOMI Australia

TAOMI Gift Card

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Would you like to spoil someone with a gift voucher? We have got you covered.

If you know someone who is already a creative or would enjoy dabbling in textured art, then this gift card is perfect!

The TAOMI Gift Card can be used on all physical and online products.

*Please Note: TAOMI Australia will be beginning pre-sale for their own special formula in the next coming weeks. This gift card can be used to purchase the medium once it has been released.*

Product Use

How to Use the FORBIDDEN FROSTING Modelling Paste

1. Remove the cap from the top of the spout.

2. Squeeze the desired amount of medium onto a paint palette.

3. Add any acrylic colour to the medium and mix through with a palette knife until the desired colour is achieved.

Note: You can add titanium white acrylic paint to lighten the colour and create a thinner consistency.



Shelf life is crucial for this product therefore this product needs to be stored in a cool place (under 30C) with the lid tightly closed to keep air out. Note: In extreme cases, leaving the top off for even an hour or exposing it to heat (over 35C) could limit its lifespan to just a few years or less.


Clean up & Safety

  • Art equipment (palette knives, brushes) can be cleaned up using water. 
  • Dry paint and paper palettes can be disposed of directly in the garbage bin. 
  • Paint should never be rinsed down a sink, and neither should our forbidden frosting.
TAOMI Gift Card