We are actively seeking creative individuals or businesses to become valued affiliates in our program, aligning with TAOMI's core values and mission. Embrace your passion for art and our products, all while earning a rewarding side income. It's a win-win opportunity!

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Application Process

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Kindly note that submitting the application form does not automatically guarantee acceptance into our program. Our TAOMI team carefully evaluates each application, and you will receive notification of the outcome within 1 - 4 business days. Thank you for your interest in our program.


What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate

- You receive a 5% commission on sales where a customer uses your affiliate link or coupon

- Customers receive a 10% discount on their first order when they use your link or coupon

- You receive a 40% discount on your first order as an affiliate

- Further rewards and incentives if you have a high conversion rate

*Payouts will be processed at the start of every month*

what should i do as an affiliate

- Post on your social media and tag @taomiaustralia to let your audience know what brand you are using

- Make sure you add your coupon or discount coupon to the post, stories, reels you make so that your audience can use them when they checkout

- Ensure people know they will get a 10% discount if they use your coupon! (Enticing customers to purchase = getting your 5% commission)

- Share why you love the TAOMI Australia brand and why you are an affiliate

Always tag us as we love sharing your stories and posts!